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APAVT - Portuguese Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism is the only association of this class in Portugal and the oldest and representative of the national tourism, bringing together:
Permanent Partners - Nacional Travel Agents 
Allies Associates - other companies related to tourism such as foreign travel agencies, airlines, hotels, restaurants, rent-a-car, official tourism bodies, campsites and road transport, among others. 
APAVT was founded on May 30, 1950 by a group of Travel Agents who considered that, in the form of association, could better defend the rights and interests of their sector. Over the last fifty seven years the Association has played a key role in the development of national tourism, promoting the exchange of ideas among its members, presenting proposals at all levels, anticipating market changes and preparing the sector for the challenges already placed. Given the pivotal position of travel agents, which are the main link between tourism and consumers alike, the action of APAVT often beyond the scope of this class, contributes significantly to tourism as a whole. As evidence of the importance of APAVT sector development, the Ministry of Tourism attributes the Gold Medal of Touristic Merit, on September 30th, 1982, published in the Diário da República No. 262 - Series II 1982. Founded as Gremio and converted into Association after the 1974 revolution, in the early 2000 was also set up the company APAVT Service - SGPS, SA, a holding company wholly owned by APAVT aimed at the development of associational activity and professionalism of its services. APAVT is based in Lisboa, Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, No. 170, 1º.

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